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About the Teacher

about 1 year ago

:  I graduated from Bloomsburg University in 1988 with a BS in Elementary Education.  I received my Masters in Counseling at Millersville University in 1992.  I later earned my supervisory certificate in counseling at Millersville in 2001.


I started here at Donegal in 1988 as a second grade teacher at Seiler Elementary.  I started counseling at Grandview Elementary in 1992 and then later went to Maytown Elementary and Riverview Elementary as an IST teacher and a counselor.  I moved to the middle school in 2003 and now work at the Donegal Intermediate School.

Counseling Services

about 1 year ago

Individual Counseling

 Parents, teachers, or students can let me know if a student wishes to see me and I will be sure to contact them. 


Group Counseling

I run various groups depending on the needs of the students.  Most of these groups are voluntary.  We work on the following topics throughout the school year:  social skills, including others, joining in, how to be a good friend, and handling conflicts. 


Classroom Lessons

Throughout the schoolyear, I will provide classroom lessons on various topics.  They range from teambuilding, friendship, internet safety, exclusion, peer pressure, teasing, PSSA prep, relational aggression, bullying, empathy, and decision making.



I always offer mediations to students as an option to handling a problem or a conflict they are experiencing in a non-violent and peaceful manner.  All students must follow the mediation rules and must listen carefully to each other without interrupting.  Mediations are almost always successful and are always encouraged in handling  conflicts so that discipline action is not necessary.