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Open House Letter

over 2 years ago

Donegal Intermediate School                                                           August 24, 2017

Learning Support- 6th Grade

Dear Parents,

    I am very excited to work with your child this year at Donegal Intermediate School.  I have worked at Riverview Elementary School and Donegal Intermediate School as a Learning Support Teacher for 32 years. This year I will be working with the 6th grade Learning Support students.

    I will be spending time with your child supporting them by working in small groups in the Learning Support Classroom. Judie Ballard, learning support paraprofessional, will also be supporting your child in the classroom. Some students will receive math replacement in the learning support room with a program called Transmath that correlates with the math core curriculum. This program does have a homework component, but I will usually use this as work in the classroom.  Please continue to practice basic facts at home with your students.

     In reading your child will participate in a guided reading group for 30 minutes every day during a reading clinic or have 60 minutes of replacement reading in the Learning Support Classroom.  This will be the time I spend on building their fluency, decoding and comprehension strategies.  Many of the students will work with an intensive reading program that compliments the program used in the classroom.  Some students will also receive spelling words in the learning support room.  Please look for their words written in their agenda and help them study at home.  Also, all students in 6th grade will be working on trying to read 10 books a marking period.  Students may choose books from the classroom, library or at home. They will also have time to read at school most days.

    I look forward to working with you this year and getting to know you and your child.  Please e-mail or call if you have any questions as the year continues.  My e-mail is  The phone number at Donegal Intermediate School is 426-1561 ext. 31123.



                                                                                   Kimberly Griest


Permission to send IEP Electronically

over 2 years ago

Donegal School District

Consent for Electronic Transmission of Forms, Records and Other Documents

I am the parent or legal guardian of _______________________________ and hereby consent to the electronic transmission of forms and records, and other documents that might contain personally-identifiable information concerning my child, to the following electronic mail address: _____________________________.  Information transmitted could include, if applicable, Individualized Educational Programs, Evaluation and Reevaluation Reports, Prior Written Notices, Procedural Safeguards Notices, and other documents related to special education programming.  

I understand that information transmitted to this address will not be encrypted or otherwise protected and that the security of that information after transmission is entirely my responsibility.  I also understand that this consent shall remain in effect unless and until it is revoked in writing by me and that written revocation is received by the school district.

________________________ _____________________________________________

            Date Parent or Guardian Signature


Printed Name of Parent or Guardian