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Things to Know as We Go...
Here are a few items of information we hope you will find helpful…

• We will be working hard at settling into our daily routines at the beginning of the year. Students will be expected to follow these procedures, rules, and routines so we can create a classroom environment that supports learning.

• HOME FOLDERS AND AGENDA BOOKS: Please check the HOME FOLDER nightly. Papers on the DONE side are yours to keep. Papers on the DO side are to be returned to school the next day or as dated. A newsletter will be coming home in the folder every Friday. AGENDA BOOKS are used to help with organization and to keep track of daily behavior. Homework and classroom reminders will be written in this book by your child and the calendar color will be circled to reflect his/her behavior for the day. Please take the time to check this book nightly and to initial in the space in the parent signature box, even if there is no homework for that night. This will help us to know that we are consistent in our communication and that you are informed.

• RF15: Read for 15 minutes. Reading is a very important skill and needs to be practiced nightly. This year, your child will be required to read for at least 15 minutes every evening. Depending on the needs of your child, you can listen to your child read or you can share the reading. (You read a page, your child reads a page.) If your child brings home a book from his/her guided reading group to read out loud, this may be counted toward the 15 minute goal.

• RECESS: Please be sure to dress your child appropriately. We go outside for recess on most days and all students are expected to go outside unless there is a medical reason. In that case, please send a note for the nurse. Also, our classrooms are cool, so having a sweatshirt available is a good idea.

• BIRTHDAYS: If your child would like to give something to his/her classmates in honor of a birthday, we ask for only non-food items. Allergies pose a problem for many of our students. Therefore, it is important to refrain from sending any food as a birthday treat. Your child will be given the opportunity to pass out the items at the end of the day. Stickers, pencils, erasers, coupons, markers, pens, or novelty items are just a few ideas that would be appropriate. Thank you for your support on this.

• PARTY INVITATIONS: Please do not send party invitations to school to be distributed unless there is one for EVERY CHILD in the class. This keeps feelings from being hurt and it is our classroom policy.

• EMAIL: If ever you need to discuss a matter with us, please write a note in your child’s agenda, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We realize that email is a quick way to communicate. However, it is difficult for us to read and return emails during the school day. As your child’s teachers, we want to give our full attention to instruction and meeting the needs of the children. Being fully present during the day is essential to us.

• ABSENCES: When your child is ill, our main concern is that he/she gets better. Missed work can be made up when he/she returns. Most of what we do during a lesson does not lend itself to a paper going home and it may be difficult for your child to know what to do without having had the lesson. If there is any work your child is not able to make up that day, it will then come home as homework.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation this year. It makes all the difference in your child’s education!
Learning is a Journey,
Not a Race...