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Mr. Kersic's Homepage
Mr. Kersic's Homepage
Greetings! Welcome to my homepage for Science and Social Studies! On this page you can find important resources to help you study and excel in my class!
Homework/Important Events Calendar
Daily Schedule for Mr. Kersic's Homeroom
8:45-9:00 - Student Arrival
9:00-9:30 - Homeroom/Chorus/Band/Morning Meeting
9:30-10:50 - Content
10:50-11:30 - Special
11:30-11:40 - Content
11:40-11:55 - Recess
11:55-12:25 - Lunch
12:25-1:55 - Math
1:55-3:25 - ELA
3:25-3:35 - Dismissal
Marietta, Pennsylvania
Current Unit of Study
We are currently studying our first social studies unit! We are discovering new concepts about Exploration and Colonization.
Contact Information
Phone: 717-426-1561 x31128