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Health Room Guidelines

Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy

relationship with the students and parents at Riverview

Elementary School. 

It is our goal to provide the highest quality of care for all

of our students, and in order to achieve this goal, we need

your help.


Please be sure to alert us to any medical problems or concerns that your child is currently experiencing, along with any measures that are taken to assist your child in preventing further health problems.


Sending a student HOME

Q: When does the school send students home?

A: The decision to send a student home lies heavily on a sound nursing assessment and doctor's orders. For example: If a child has a temperature of 100 degrees F or greater, the child will be sent home.

Our goal is to promote the health and wellness of the students we serve. When the student's health, wellness, or safety is compromised, they are not in a state at which learning can take place.

When a student is injured or in a state of health that requires advanced care outside of the school setting, parents will be called as soon as the student is stabilized and it is safe to leave the student's side to make a phone contact.The student's safety is paramount. When a parent can not be reached, the additional contacts listed on the emergency contact sheet will be called. If there is a serious emergency, parents and guardians will be contacted after the emergency medical system has been contacted.


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