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Parent Support

Parents are the most effective model for children.  Your routines, behaviors, language,

and outlook will be reflected in how your child approaches life.

Suggestions for supporting your child.

•Talk to child about your expectations for their grades, behaviors, and work ethic at school.

•Have solid routines for sleep, homework, and play.

•Ask your child to explain what they are working on in school.

•Speak positively about school in front of your child – your outlook becomes their outlook.

•If concerns arise, please address them privately with the adult(s) involved.

•Require your  child be responsible for their work, language, and actions. 

•Encourage your student to communicate with teachers. 

•Require your student be organized. 

•Help them set up methods of organization that work for them (agenda, lists, calendar, phone, etc.)

•Help them establish good study habits.

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